Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jersey Shore Fact of the Day 54: Gilchrest is Back in Atlantic City

Gilchrest Restaurant was a landmark. Located right on the water, it was popular with locals. But the 60-year old restaurant ran into trouble because its historic building was falling apart. You can read about its backstory here.

Now, this restaurant has taken up residence at Gardner's Basin, right on the water WHILE keeping the Galloway Township location open.

The new spot has a wide outdoor deck with both shaded and sunny spots, and an indoor eating area. I had a meeting there after yesterday's media blitz, which included that piece on Fox29 and an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer (I didn't plan for them to hit the same day - honest!) Fact is: TV is exhausting. You put in so much effort for a blip on the screen, so scheduling a meeting after might not have been my smartest idea. Having it at Gilchrest? That saved the day.

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