Thursday, June 2, 2011

Defending the Real Jersey Shore

"This Jen – me, not JWoWW – is the real Jersey Shore Jen. I spent my summers in Avalon. I’m tan from running. My blonde hair color is the real deal. I’m also an actual Italian American. Oh, and I’m from New Jersey."

This from a piece I have in the June issue of SJ Magazine - and the first time I've written point blank, in print, about the MTV issue.

I've gotten a lot of reactions on Facebook and Twitter. Care to join the discussion? Hit up the comments.

Also - one more reminder that I'm doing my first book event at the Princeton in Avalon at 7:30pm tonight. If you want a book, stop by. Got one you want signed? You're more than welcome. Or if you just want to take a peek and see what it's all about, stop by and say hello!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi "Neighbor"
I couldn't agree more with your angst over what the MTV show Jersey Shore has done to New Jersey's reputation.

I was so frustrated with the state that I proudly call home getting trashed on basic cable, that I've undertaken a project to save New Jersey's rep one blog post at a time in a series I call Really Real New Jersey.

My family and I are visiting landmarks and attractions all over the state and I've been chronicling our adventures.

Feel free to check out what we've done so far: