Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jersey Shore Fact of the Day 67: Lucy's Hurt. Again :-(

Poor Lucy! On Sunday morning, she got walloped by lightening during that big, bad storm that rolled through the area. The Press of AC reported on the damage - all the electrical systems are out, which means no AC and processing all transactions by hand.

But the good news is that after the LAST lightening strike, they'd installed lightening rods, and it seems to have prevented more damage than she'd have suffered otherwise.

Poor girl. Well, I know where the $315 I just mailed to her will go - that's how much was raised at my book launch party. So thank you to everyone who came out and chipped in to get Lucy back on track!

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1 comment:

caite said...

The poor girl.
but really, what can you expect standing on the beach in a storm?