Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jersey Shore Fact of the Day 83: You CAN suffer from the heat down the shore

I was down the shore for part of that monster heat wave. Yes, some days it was cooler because of wind blowing off the 60-degree water. But when that breeze turned and passed over the land instead, the only cool place was to actually be in the ocean. It was the only place you could escape the greenhead flies, too (partially - I stood in the water and read my book but one of them STILL got me on the back).

Looks like we're getting another heat wave shortly, so please be careful if you're down the shore. Hydrate more than you usually do, and be careful if you plan to run or bike while you're there. My suggestion for runners: jump into the ocean after. It's no longer 60 degrees, but it's a wonderful cool down.

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