Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jersey Shore Fact of the Day 82: Avalon was once covered in juniper trees

That is a branch with berries from a juniper tree. These kinds of trees used to cover the island that is now known as Avalon.

I learned this while having diner at the Diving Horse last week - my favorite meal of the six fancy dinners I enjoyed while on vacation. The dude took notes and will be posting reviews on the blog in the near future. Until then, though, I wanted to share that juniper tidbit.

The reason I learned this is because we were served a dish that involved juniper. I don't have the dude's notes, or I would share. Until then, how about a picture from dinner?

This is their tomato and watermelon salad, served with feta, avocado, mint and cured olives. And that was just the start...

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