Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jersey Shore Fact of the Day 77: Martini Beach and Cabanas are Run by the Same Person

If you're going to Cape May and want to hit a restaurant with ocean views, you will probably see both Martini Beach and Cabanas. One is stacked on top of the other.

They're actually owned by the same owner, which I didn't know until I started working on this piece.

I like both places, for different reasons. I got roped into a really long night at Cabanas on a Tuesday because I started talking to a bunch of locals at the bar. I ended up giving relationship advice to a 21 year old whose 19 year old girlfriend was at home. Then someone did a body shot. It was weird - but fun! Martini Beach has a fantastic bar, and as being on the second floor, amazing views.

So if you are to pick between the two: more casual, stay downstairs. Slightly fancier, go up. And beware of locals who keep you out waaaaaay past your bedtime ;-)

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