Friday, July 8, 2011

Jersey Shore Fact of the Day 69: The Angel by the Sea was Once One House

Best Cape May B&B story ever: In 1850, Philadelphia chemist William Weightman Sr. had a house built in Cape May. When the house was complete, he decided it was too far from the beach, so he hired farmers to move the house over the winter.

Their idea was to cut the house in two and move the house in halves. Then, when they were in the new beach spot, they'd push the two halves together.

Oops. The halves were too heavy.

So they built walls on the open sides of each building, and Weightman had two houses.

Those two houses today are the Angel by the Sea. Check it out even if you're not staying there.

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amy said...

I took the free house tour once and loved learning about this move across town. It was one of my favorite homes to look at so I am glad I took the tour to get more info.

Crusader Resort said...

So, you're saying Bill _Weight_man's house was too heavy?