Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jersey Shore Fact of the Day 73: You can take a ferry to Cape May

If you're coming to the shore from the South, or looking to make a quick trip to Delaware, the Cape May-Lewes Ferry is a travel option.

The ferry runs often between Cape May and Delaware, and, yes, you can bring your car aboard. My sister and her husband took this ferry last year when coming up from that OTHER Ocean City to spend a few days in Sea Isle. They were pretty happy with it overall. If you don't want to bring your car, they do have shuttle buses that run between the ferry and some Delaware spots.

If you're taking your car, make sure you reserve your spot in advance, and pay special attention to when they recommend you get there in relation to the time of your ride.

Happy sailing!

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Karen Stoner said...

We used to take the ferry at least once or twice a summer when traveling between the in-laws in DE and grandparents in Avalon. Love Love Love it! Very easy to drive on and off if taking a car, and very kid-friendly (they can run around and not get in anyone's way, or be in too much danger of falling overboard), plus there are plenty of places to station yourself on the boat to get a great view of everything around.