Monday, July 11, 2011

Jersey Shore Fact of the Day 70: Smaller Casinos are Coming. Maybe

Word came out over the weekend that three different groups are looking to use this to build smaller casinos in Atlantic City: Hard Rock Cafe, a group associated with a local businessman, and Pinnacle Entertainment.

Yes, Pinnacle is still around. Remember when the Sands was imploded in 2007? The video's above to refresh your memory. It was imploded to make way for a new, grand casino to be built by Pinnacle, which resulted in...nothing. Zip, zilch, zero. Well, we did get one thing: Pinnacle billboards EVERYWHERE, long after most people figured what Pinnacle eventually admitted: that their casino was on permanent hold.

Looks like they're trying to get back in by building a smaller property. They do still own the real estate. Will they actually follow through? We'll see.

Weird place, Atlantic City.

And just because:

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