Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jersey Shore Fact of the Day 76: Boardwalk is your Best Running Surface

In the book, I have a two-page yarn about running down the shore. Yesterday started my marathon training (yes, I hate running in the summer, no don't get me started on how I got roped into this). The shore is a good place to go because boardwalks are some of the best running surfaces around.

The reason? There's give. You're not running on hard packed street or concrete. You're running on wood that gives.

The only wrench in the boardwalk running plan is when to go. Mornings aren't great because of all the bikes and surreys (which, yes, I've written about before). Mid-day is too hot, and night bring the evening crowds. So either get out super duper early or take your chances at night (and please, if you do, run with someone else).

Also of note: Sea Isle's boardwalk does not have boards. If you run on this at night, watch for the crabs that scurry across. They look silly.

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Crusader Resort said...

The Wildwood beach is also excellent for running: hard sand down by the water, and relatively flat.