Saturday, August 16, 2008

Beach Read addendum via Philly Mag

Still don't have that perfect beach read? Then check out this review I wrote for Philadelphia Magazine of Terry O'Brien's Murder-Oke! And Other Spooky Cape May Tales.

I'm currently working my way through Nora Robert's Tribute. It's good, but I'm not as attached to it as I have been with other NR novels. I don't know what I'm going to read next, though I better figure that out fast -- I plan on spending the majority of today lying on the beach, and a book is a must have.

So let me ask you: What's been your beach read this summer? And where do you buy your beach books? (bonus points if it's from an independent book store!) My family spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on beach books at Hideaway Books, which used to be in Avalon. One summer I got "serious" about reading and would only choose books from the "literature" section -- quite a change after summers of Sweet Valley High. When I started in on the Edgar Allen Poe, my parents were 'concerned.' I turned out okay though...I think.

If you need beach read suggestions, you can check out my "52 books in 52 weeks" blog project (which ended up beeing 52 books in 7 months...but I digress). Lots of reviews, lots of suggestions -- for free!

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RBB_Blog said...

My usual routine is to get the latest Dean Koontz novel and read it while on vacation... Alas, I am a little behind now, a I just finished "Odd Hours" a few weeks ago when we where there. As a side note, a large portion of my Koontz collection came from the Hideaway in Avalon.

Larry Meegan said...

I just enjoyed reading Michele Andrea Bowen's "Church Folk." It's set in an African American church during the early 60s. Good character development and a nice, easy read.

Cary Silverman said...

I recently finished Ken Folett's "World Without End". Its the sequal to one of my all-time favorites, "Pillasr of the Earth" (not as good). Currently reading David Baldacci's "the Whole Truth" and David Meerman Scott's "New Rules of Marketing and PR". Both are good reads so far.

No indy bookstore for me, I LOVE MY KINDLE!!