Sunday, August 17, 2008

Shore Break: Top of the World

Like a lot of "shoobies," I live in the Philadelphia area, and on Thursday I was lucky enough to take a trip of the Comcast Center, which is Philadelphia's tallest building. I was there for work reasons -- I write the marketing materials for L.F. Driscoll Co., who built the building -- but it was so cool to get up to the top.

Aside from the neat-o factor, this picture has another meaning. Behind me is Liberty 1 and Liberty 2. My grandfather was the superintendent for Liberty 1 (his last project before he retired), and and three of my uncles, my cousin and my sister worked on the Comcast project.

You'll also notice that I'm wearing a cardigan. We've been blessed with some moderate temperatures the last few days, which has been a nice break. I have many memories of hot sweaty days on the beach in late August. I much prefer slightly cooler temps!

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ZoeyBella said...

Hehe... shoobie! :P

Great picture though :)