Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This is Why I'm Hot? Part 2

Thanks to everyone who nominated me for the Hot Blogger Calendar -- I'm an finalist! Can you do me another favor? Click here to vote. Because, after all, who'd make a better Miss July than a gal who wrote a book about the shore?

On a similiar note (maybe?) here's the shot of me outside Wildwood's Doo Wop Experience:

I forget how blond and tan I get if I spend a few days on the beach -- I haven't had hair this light since high school (and that's my natural color -- I have a hair dye phobia).

That whole tan/blond thing is one of the reasons I'm excited that the Exit Zero boys are taking my picture this summer for next year's Ocean City guide. That way, I'll look like a shore girl, not a pale version dressed in summer clothes (though I really did like the Cape May picture that ran in Cool Cape May this year). If you'd like to see the shoot in progress, we'll be at the Carousel on Wonderland Pier in Ocean City this Thursday from 7pm to 8:30pm.

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Greg said...

Hey baby, nice signage.

Steve said...

And was born in the great month of July too - don't forget that.