Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Doo Wop Experience

Last night, I dashed down to Wildwood to have my picture taken in front of the Doo Wop Experience, a museum of sorts dedicated to Doo Wop architecture, which is so prevalent in Wildwood.

It's a neat spot -- an old diner that's been retrofitted to include part museum part malt shop. They also have rescued neon signs outside in what's called a "neon garden." Last summer, I snapped a picture of the garden, and included that picture in my book. Then, they had only two signs. This year? Well, it's quite a different story. It's a bright garden of flashy glam -- I'll post the picture when I have it if I can.

If you have my book, I wrote about Doo Wop in Wildwood on page 162. If you don't have my book (and why not?!), then check out a short blip I wrote about it for New Jersey Monthly. It's under "Doo Wop Tour".

I took a walk on the Ocean City boardwalk this morning before I dashed home (there's a lot of dashing going on here, but it's busy in the offices of Jen A. Miller with the end of summer coming). It was a gorgeous day and perfect for a long walk. I saw everything from high school soccer teams running to packs of bikes making their way up and down the boards. I'm going to miss this summer -- really.

**UPDATE** Forgot to mention this one: as I was walking on the Ocean City boardwalk, I heard a man say to his family "let's have breakfast at that Upcake place." Maybe I did have an affect on what people know about the shore :-)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jen,

Just stumbled onto your blog! I'll have to get this book as we travel North every summer. In-laws have a place in Ocean City MD.