Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Notes

What a beautiful beach day yesterday! I had a great time in Avalon capped by a lovely evening in Sea Isle signing books at the Book Nook. That signing also gave me a great idea: setting up a system where people can buy personalized, signed books for the holidays. About a fourth of everything I sell at signings are books people are buying as gifts. So stay tuned.

There's a few articles in today's Philadelphia Inquirer about the shore. One is about how shore business was slow in June and July and then kicked up this August. It's important enough to go on the front page of a Sunday paper, but apparently not important enough to go online. So pick up a dead tree copy if you're interested.

Another article discusses how Atlantic City casinos are offering less comps. And yet another highlights what happened in Avalon yesterday: the beach was shut down because some bozo dumped medical waste in the water. It was such a great beach day, too. I got one round of body surfing in, then they shut down the beach. Boo.

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