Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cape May and a Whole Lot of Mad Men

I haven't been feeling so great this weekend, so I hunkered down with the first seasons of Mad Men on DVD. First of all, it's a fantastic show. I highly recommend it (and I can already tell some of that fabulous circa 1960 fashion is going to have some influence on how I'll be dressing this fall -- that is, if you can ever get me away from this desk). But why am I writing about it on a shore blog? Because the Draper family (the 'main' family in the show) vacations in Cape May.

Now, Cape May in 1960 was not Cape May today. Those gorgeous old mansions weren't seen as something worth saving -- a lot of people wanted to get rid of them. Aren't we glad they didn't? Carolyn Pitts, who I wrote about on this blog, had a lot to do with that. Read more here .

There were no Cape May shots in the show (save one bedroom, but that doesn't count). So I'll leave you with the season 1 trailer

P.S. Does anyone still do boozy lunches? I'd love to write an article about that...

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Fred said...

While I'm a huge fan of Mad Men, I hadn't realized the shore they we're referring to was Cape May! I spent time there as a kid in the late Fifties. I've enjoyed your blog and have a new blog of my own -- not sure how all of this works, but here's the link: