Thursday, August 14, 2008

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Horrible, horrible news: a body washed up on the Atlantic City beach.

More bad news for Atlantic City: gaming earnings are still down.

But the Tropicana's still hanging on.

Another Chowhound request: bachelorhood party in AC -- where should they go? I already answered...

OH NO! Kabat's Men Shop is closing! I loved this place in Ocean City -- it was literally a step back in time. We already lost the men's dress shop in the Flander's Hotel. What's next? Please don't take Hassis. Then I'll have nowhere to visit and remember how bored I was while my dad bought new work clothes (I get it now, but what kid wants to wait for dad to try on clothes where there's rides to be ridden and ice cream to be eaten?)

Gov. Corzine was in Ocean City to promote tourism. But I guess he can't save Kabat's.

Where the h*ll is David? Well, he was in Stone Harbor.

Could be a series coming to HBO called Boardwalk Empire (Atlantic City Boardwalk that is). What big name is attached? Martin Scorcese. Can't get much bigger than that.

Is Pinnacle really going to build? Time will tell.

Here's your fun shore pictures of the week: cute baby in Sea Isle; cute kids in Wildwood; cute family in Wildwood; lovely sunset in Cape May; boat in Stone Harbor; family photos from Avalon; retro Sea Isle; and visit with grandmom and grandpop in Ocean City.

Speaking of Ocean's a picture of me taking pictures at Miss Crustacean courtesy of Local Ocean, a branch of the Exit Zero publishing empire:

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Justin Gaynor said...

Thanks a lot for the link!

Ark Lady said...

Hey, if you have any good photos of the Miss Crustacean contest they would fit in with my book blog (which has Miss Crustacean contest in it). If you care to do a photo essay or something we could help promote your book.

My subscribers enjoyed my article on the contest sent out in my newsletter.

Nice pic, you look happy. I hope to see the contest in person myself sometime in the future.