Thursday, August 28, 2008

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Quick reminder before we get into the news: I'm having my picture taken at the carousel at Wonderland Pier in Ocean City tonight from about 7pm to 8:30pm. Come out and gawk if you'd like.

Also, one more: the voting for that blogger calendar thing is still going on. Vote for whoever you think should be in it (hint hint) by clicking here. I was also told that they'd be running a picture of me on their blog today, so click here to see it (it's not quite Jersey Shore material, which is why I'm not posting it here -- though you do get a nice shot of what running can do to someone's midsection). **UPDATE** The picture is running on Friday. Sorry for the confusion.

And onto the news:

Yikes: 42 people arrested for drugs and prostitution in Wildwood in August. And oh boy do they name names.

This is sad. R.I.P.

A "shockumentary"? Read more here.

So where did the medical waste the washed up in Avalon come from? Could it have been sabotage?

From the wacky files: work-release fugitive nabbed because he tried to escape via the beach and didn't buy a beach tag.

More from the wacky files: guy gets arrested for trying to skip out on a cab fare from Atlantic City to Ocean City.

The PR team at the Cape May County Zoo have been busy: they've had one article in the Cape May County Herald and one in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Old New York subway cars are finding new life near Cape May as bases for new reef systems.

Here's a report from the Stone Harbor 10k. And here's another one!

Cape May Diamonds! Never heard of them? Click here.

Amy Rosenberg of the Philadelphia Inquirer writes about how beach space gets pinched at high tide.

Cape May Point for the National Registrar? Cape May proper's already on the list.

Here's an article on how to master the surrey.

I knew this would happen eventually: Chloƫ Sevigny shows up at Atlantic City's Chelsea. Her brother is one of the two people who run nighlife there (can she do anything about how people are not allowed to hang out at the pool bar unless they're staying at the hotel? Thought that was a very stupid rule if the ultimate goal is to make money because -- really? -- it wasn't crowded).

And here's lots and lots of your pictures: cute kid in Cape May; early morning in Sea Isle; flip flops on the boardwalk; Atlantic City Air Show; sweet doggie in Strathmere; good times in Ocean City; couple in Sea Isle; walking in Cape May; beachy kids at Cape May Point; more fun in Cape May; good times in Sea Isle; cuteness in Stone Harbor; beach fun in Sea Isle; and family reunion in Cape May.

Stay tuned -- I have a piece in tomorrow's New York Times about a certain shore town. I'll post it here!

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