Tuesday, August 19, 2008

High, High, Up in the Sky

Two big mid-week events:

The first is for the ladies (though we do welcome men): the South Jersey chapter of eWomenNetwork is having a fab event at the Foundation Room in the Showboat this Thursday from 6-8pm. Check out the details here. I'll be there -- our last shore event at the Pool at Harrah's was a blast, and I expect no less this time around.

The second is for everyone and one of Atlantic City's most popular events: the Atlantic City Air Show, which takes place this Wednesday. Check out the schedule here. Don't freak out if you hear the planes zipping through the sky on Tuesday -- it's their practice day. I saw the practices last year, and they were unreal. I was offered a media ride today but given that I'm not exactly that adventurous, suggested that the gentlemen of Agency New Jersey give it a go instead. I'm sure their pictures will turn out much better than anything I could take!

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