Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Catch Up

After another trip through the shore, I'm taking today as a catch up day, meaning that I've worked on other freelance project, caught up on my reading, took care of paperwork, and sorted through a lot of mail (us freelancers, we're a burden to our mail men/women).

I also did something else that's novel: I have not worked on the book. Well, it's not like I stopped looking and taking notes when I was at the shore. But for a few days, I did what most people do at the shore in August: enjoy it. I haven't typed a word in my manuscript since Friday afternoon. And you know what? The break felt good. I'll be back at it bright and early tomorrow morning, but I think my head needed a break. I'm 99% sure my writing will be stronger, fresher and have more zip and zing than what would come out of a worn out brain.

So with that I'm going to walk my dog, read and go for a run. More about Atlantic City tomorrow (which is the town that won the shore poll, in case you were curious).

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