Monday, August 13, 2007

A White House Not in Turmoil

When I got into Atlantic City this morning, the first place I headed was not on the Boardwalk. It was to a little corner eatery called the White House Sub Shop (Arctic and Mississippi Avenues, Atlantic City 609-345-1564).

The sandwich and sub shop has been in town long before gambling and was known as a favorite of Frank Sinatra. The walls are covered with photographs of the rich and famous who've stopped in for a sandwich, including a lot of Miss Americas. I went for the White House special, which is loaded and big enough for a few people. The picture you see here is a half serving. I ate my sub over five hours ago, and I'm still full. I'll be lucky if I can muster up an appetite in time to chow down for the Eagles game tonight.

It's a crowded spot, especially during lunch, so be prepared to wait. Or if you're traveling solo, like I usually am, ask the other folks in line if they're waiting to sit at the counter. If not, you're in.

What I'm Listening to: Hotel New York by Anouk.

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Joel said...

Ah, White House subs. One of my all-time favorite places. What I like about their sandwiches is that they don't fool around with tons of garnish. It's meat, meat, and more meat, and of course some cheese if you ordered some. I remember being introduced to the place during a group work excursion to AC in '96 (back when the company I was with at the time had the money to burn on such a thing), and I've tried to go back there every time I went to AC since. Great food, great Jersey atmosphere.