Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Last Research Day

On Wednesday, I'll be commuting to the shore, specifically Wildwood, to wrap up some research. Why commuting? Because my dog's having some issues (would you ever guess that a 12 pound dog could eat a baby bunny in one gulp? I didn't, but my dogwalker called me frantically on Sunday morning saying that she did), and because I've got tix to the Phillies game. I know that finishing the book is top priority, but it is baseball season, and games must be attended.

So what do I do to prepare for research, at least for tomorrow? It's a good time to write about this considering Wednesday's trip is probably my last session of full on research (though Sunday sorta counts -- though I don't know how much work I'll get done while riding bikes through Wildwood with my dad). I might need one more day next week to take pictures, but that won't be as labor intensive as on-site research.

Most of today was spent figuring out what was left to see in Wildwood, based on what I've read and places people have told me "I must see," plus what I've seen but didn't have a chance to investigate. This lead to a "to do" list that's already packed in my bag.

Tomorrow morning, I'll wake up bright and early (think before 6 am), walk my dog, eat breakfast, scan the newspaper, then head out to fill my car with gas, and then fill me with Wawa coffee to prep us both for a drive down the shore. I'll probably have a second breakfast in the Wildwoods (hey, I'm training for a marathon -- I'm allowed to eat a lot), see what's left to see on my list, walk the streets I haven't walked while taking notes, then head back home to walk my dog again before I watch the Phillies spank the Dodgers (I hope).

I'm sure that by the time I collapse into bed tomorrow night, I'll be exhausted. But at least I'll have finished the last nugget of on-site research. And that, readers, will be a great feeling.

What I'm Listening to: Ganging Up on the Sun by Guster.

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