Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tully Nuts

It was (another) soggy day at the shore -- I'm still wringing out my jeans. If you're stuck in your shore house, and of legal age, it might be worth venturing out to #1 Tavern (1st and Atlantic Avenues, North Wildwood, 609-522-1775) tonight for a Tully Nut.

What's a Tully Nut? Good question. The recipe's a secret, but we do know that it's red and made of five types of liquor. It's also stood the test of time -- the Tully Nut was first concocted in 1969 and is still turning tongues red at #1 Tavern. It's got a slushie consistency, too, so it might make you feel like you're in a tropical paradise instead of an early autumn.

What I'm Listening to: We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes by Death Cab for Cutie because it's a Death Cab kind of day.

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1 comment:

Jon said...

Yeah, great.. endorse the most pretentious and overrated drink at one of the shittiest bars in NW-Wood.
Ask for one with no ice.
You'd be better off getting 2 shots of Jim Beam for what they charge for one of those things.
The only redeeming quality of that place is the .50 baseball card machine.
I got a card of Lefty from his golden years on the White Sox!