Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rough Draft

What you see in this picture is my book as it appears when printed out from my desk jet. Of course, this isn't what it'll look like when you (hopefully) pick up your copy from the bookstore -- that'll look more like this -- but I think this picture gives you an idea of the volume of pages and work involved. And the mess that has become my desk.

The book is not done yet, but I'm getting closer. I won't read through half of these chapters again until Monday. You know what it's like when you read something over and over again to the point that you can't pick up on any mistakes? I'm at that point, so I'll take a few days to let my mind breathe. I'm still double checking information on two chapters, and I'm also finalizing my "to do" list and "to take pictures of" list. When I head down the shore tomorrow, I'll know everything that I need to do so I can send this puppy to my editor and publisher on Tuesday in complete form.

I also saw a draft of the cover (and, no I'm not telling you which down is on it because it's not 100% final). I don't think I'll have that "wow, I wrote a book" feeling until I have a copy in my hands, but seeing my name on a mock cover like that was pretty close.

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