Friday, August 3, 2007

News from Around the Jersey Shore

Enough of me writing about the shore. Here's what a few local news outlets have to say:

I was waiting for someone to make the Big Brother argument regarding the Ocean City high tech beach tags. Thanks to Paul Mulshine from The Star Ledger, we've got one.

Even though this piece leans toward rant, it does provide a bit of information on the safety of biking in Avalon and Stone Harbor. I read this one since I'll be taking a bike tour of the seven mile island next weekend. And as I have been reminded over and over again, yes you CAN get a DUI for riding your bike while intoxicated. Or, apparently while pushing your scooter home after two appletinis:

As you probably heard, Wildwood got a few new tram cars. They're supposed to be a more comfortable ride. No guarantee of ever getting that "Watch the Tram Car" recording out of your head, though.

And so you guys don't think I hate Wildwood (there are some great things there, honestly, but a lot of work to do), here's a letter to the Press of Atlantic City about the town's progress.

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Joel said...

Poor J.D. Always getting in trouble with those appletinis. Maybe the next time he should tell the bartender to go "light on the tini," like he's requested in the past.