Friday, August 10, 2007

Will of Steel

I'd like to make a public service announcement: yes, the Steel Pier (Virginia Avenue at the Boardwalk, Atlantic City, 609-345-4893) is alive and kicking. Donald Trump's bulldozers have not yet brought down the historic pier in favor of condos, so this summer, and until the end of the season, the rides will still be shooting people up in the air (slingshot) or turning them in lazy circles (carousel).

I visited the Steel Pier in early June, and found out that the person who runs the Steel Pier is actually cousins with the folks who run Avalon Campground (1917 Route 9 North, Clermont, 609 624-0075), which is where I spent most of my summers as a kid. The Steel Pier is operating under the assumption that they'll be here next year, and many years after that. So if you're bringing the kids to Atlantic City, or just want a thrill with your side of gambling, take a ride on the amusement side.

What I'm Listening to: The Reminder by Feist.

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