Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Labor Day Weekend = Last Chance

I know that it's not the weekend yet, but if you're mind's not on the three day weekend ahead, then you're really dedicated to your job.

Labor Day weekend is the traditional end to the shore summer season. In my book, I wrote about a lot about places that close up shop the day after Labor Day and don't open again until Memorial Day weekend. A lot of businesses stay open through September, October, and sometimes part of November, or even all year long, but most of the shore will slow down considerably after Monday.

So this is the time when people are trying to pack in their last summer shore experiences. Add to the mix that this is one of the most popular vacation weeks of the year, and you've got shops, restaurants, rides, beaches and bars packed to the brim.

I'm not immune. My boyfriend and I are making sure we hit the Ocean City boardwalk this weekend. Yes, yes, I know I've been there already, but not to play pinball at Jilly's (1168 Boardwalk, Ocean City, 609-399-2814), ride the carousel at Wonderland Pier (854 Boardwalk, Ocean City, 609-399-7082) and watch the summer crowds go by. As I've learned while writing and researching this book, there's a big difference between working and playing at the shore. I've worked double time the last three weeks so that I could take some time at the end of the summer, even if it's a day or two, to enjoy the shore the way everyone else does. It'll be the perfect preparation to the one last tedious edit I'll make to my manuscript on Monday before I ship it to my editor and publisher on Tuesday.

That doesn't mean I won't be working this weekend. Tomorrow I'm making one more trip through (even though I said before that I was making my last time) to fill in the blanks on the manuscript, and take those last pictures. I have enough to satisfy my publisher (or at least my contract requirement), but if this is my only shot in reporting to people what I know and love about the shore, you bet that I'm going to turn in as many visuals as possible. I also want to do some reading in the Avalon Library to bone up the history sections of the book. And they have free wireless internet.

If you can't make it down the shore this weekend, never fear. The warm temperatures hold through September or beyond -- I spent a day on the beach last October. And a lot of places do cater to those who travel to the shore in what's called the shoulder season. But if you want to catch the buzz that is the summer season, get going -- it's your last chance until May 2008 (which is when my book comes out -- mark it on your calendar now! May 5!)

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