Friday, August 10, 2007

Reader Poll

On the blog so far, I've been writing about whatever shore spot I'm working on that day. But what towns do you want to know more about? This isn't a popularity contest, but a way for me to write what you want to read. For example, you might be a Sea Isle City fan but want to know more about the changes in Atlantic City. Or you're all about Avalon but looking for something to do in Cape May. Maybe you're a gambler but looking for something else to do at points due south. Whatever you want to know -- click on the poll to let me know.

So click away, readers, and have a happy weekend! And make sure to check in next week to see what's happening Down the Shore with Jen.

What shore town would you like to know more about?

Atlantic City





Ocean City


Sea Isle City


Stone Harbor

The Wildwoods

Cape May

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