Friday, August 17, 2007

News from Around the Jersey Shore

Smackdown on the Ocean City Boardwalk! In this corner, the town, which wants to use rain forest wood to replace worn boards because the rain forest wood is better up to the task of handling boardwalk traffic. In the other corner, those who oppose deforesting rain forest. Who will win? Stay tuned.

With popularity comes magazines. Here's what you can find about Atlantic City (and if you editors need writers, I'm in the know). I'd still like to know what happened to the Jason Binn mag Boardwalk that was supposed to be touching down a few years ago....

Obviously, drinking and driving is stupid. Now you have a greater chance of getting caught in Sea Isle City. As if the threat of death and/or jail time wasn't enough. And here's where to call a taxi.

Miss America's moving to TLC. Wow, that crown's fallen pretty far from its peak.

Again with the smoking ban. Quick summary: smoking indoors, including at bars and restaurants, is illegal in New Jersey, except for Atlantic City casinos. Even there, many casinos are slowly converting most of the gaming areas to smoke free (more than a handful of casino officials also told me they think they'll be entirely smoke free by the time my book comes out). But Donald Trump decided that no smoking is hurting business. What do you think his employees, who have to breath in that stuff, would have to say about that?

Here's a nice article about The Brendan.

And there is life at the shore after Labor Day. Here's what some folks in Sea Isle City do when you go home.

What I'm Listening to: The Break-In by Ari Hest.

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