Monday, August 27, 2007

Shore Fashion Faux Pas

Quick non-shore note: here's a book review I wrote that appeared in Sunday's St. Pete Times. No, I don't smoke, but I enjoyed the book anyway.

Back to business, then. Last week, Philebrity wrote about an alarming fashion trend: high waisted jeans. It's one of those looks that only works on models, but you'll see plenty of mortal women trying to make work this fall. Another trend that only looks good on freakishly tall and skinny women: jeans tucked into Uggs.

Why do I bring this up on a shore blog? Because whatever fashions are touted in magazines as hip, hot or whatever, are sure to wind up down the shore, especially on the boardwalks. Yes, even Uggs. The temperatures dipped into the "highs in the 70s" category a few weeks ago, and I saw this fugly trend all over the place. Girls, trust me: if even Cindy Crawford looks silly doing this, you do, too. The same goes for white shorts with high heels (I'm talking to you, half the ladies who go to the Princeton). It's not something most people can pull off.

I'm not saying Uggs don't have their place. I have a pair, and I love them. But I also wear them with sweat pants around my house where no one can see them, or with jeans where the jeans cover the slender part of the boot. And not when it's 80 degrees outside. Why don't you leave them in the closet and wear those clothes you bought just for summer one last time? Unless it's white shorts and heels.

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