Saturday, August 4, 2007

Let the Countdown Begin

Alright, folks, I'm now at T-1 month until the book is due. One month to tie up loose ends, make sure all those phone number, addresses, websites and -- oh yeah -- the facts are correct, and to get all the pictures that will be used in the book. One month to make sure that my prose is scintillating, that the information is useful and that the book is a fun read. One month, people. Time to get serious. Which is why I'm off to the library. Yeah Saturday fun!

One bit of advice if you're down the shore or even if you're not -- if you see a roadside stand or farmer's market, please stop. It's peach season, corn season and tomato season. They don't call it the Garden State for nothing.

And on a non-shore note, I had a book review published in Monday's Philadelphia Inquirer. Read it here.

What I'm Listening to: Out of Nothing by Embrace.

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