Friday, August 10, 2007

Progress - It's a Good Thing

I hoped to title this post with a progress quote -- maybe something from my sentimental pick for favorite Walk Disney World ride, The Carousel of Progress. But after going on an internet tangent that took me to three websites about the Carousel of Progress, then the history of the song that plays during the ride, "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow," well, I ran out of time.

So anyway -- the Atlantic City chapter is now in fact checking. It's not done -- I'll be in Atlantic City for two days next week finishing up the odds and ends. But enough of it is written and ready to go that someone else can start making sure I got all those details right.

That leaves Cape May and Wildwood. Cape May's in good shape -- well, the town's in excellent condition, but my chapter on it needs some work. Wildwood, um, well, it'll get done, which is why I'll be headed there first thing Saturday morning.

Saturday is also when I'll doing a bike tour of all the finer establishmens of Stone Harbor and Avalon, something that is meant to be fun and not work, though of course I'll be bringing my camera and notebook. I'll try to report back about the ride early next week, and give updates from good ol' AC. It's air show week, so I'll be looking up while walking from casino to casino along the Boardwalk.

What I'm Listening to: Soundtrack to Mary Poppins. Hey, you try reading about the Sherman Brothers and not get the itch to listen to their musical masterpiece.

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