Friday, August 31, 2007

News from Around the Jersey Shore

Kim Kardashian will be at Providence (Quarter at the Tropicana, 2801 Pacific Ave., 1-800-843-8767) on September 2. If you know who she is, I guess this is a big deal. If you're like me and had to google her to find out her claim to fame, then, well, move on to the next news item.

Speaking of AC, here's an interesting blog post about it. It's called "My City in Ruins." You can guess the piece's tone.

A story about efforts to save the Beach Theatre in Cape May. Good luck guys!

Free concert in Brighton Park in Atlantic City Saturday afternoon.

The New York Times has a nice piece in the Escapes section about the South Jersey shore (and, yes, I am kicking myself for not pitching this story myself -- then again, I was a little busy). The article points to something going on this weekend -- sales. Major, mega sales. Stores are trying to clear out their stock before the crowds disappear on Monday. I stopped in at the Attic, which is next door to Suncatcher Surf Shop (9425 2nd Avenue, Stone Harbor, 609-368-3488 in Stone Harbor, yesterday. Everything was $30 or 75% off -- whichever was lower. Before you go "$30 is not a bargain," consider that the jeans I picked up were originally $150, the sweater $160 and the shirt $175. Original price: $485. Labor Day weekend price: $90.

It was quiet in Avalon yesterday, and so far this morning, the town still looks somewhat empty. The crowds will start coming soon, though, so I'm going to enjoy the quiet, and the sun, while it lasts.

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